iTC Extension

An innovative ‘plug-and-play’ solution to allow your iTCTM receiver to steer using ‘WAAS’ or ‘EGNOS’ correction signal, by presenting the signal as SF1 to the display.  

What does it do?

Since the the start of 2021, John Deere StarFireTM  iTCTM receivers are no longer compatible with John Deere machines, as they require at least SF1 signal to work.  This has resulted in many machines unable to use iTC receivers already installed.

The SolSteerTM ITC Extension solves this issue by telling the John Deere machine that the receiver uses SF1 correction signal. This allows auto-steering capabilities to function as normal on the machine using WAAS or EGNOS correction.

The iTC extension module connects to either the short bulk head harness that connects to the JD display or the ISOBUS extension connector hidden under the panel of your JD machine.